"Chaperoned Trips of a Lifetime"

Cleveland Aquarium

A small group of us went to visit the Cleveland Aquarium! We got to see and TOUCH some of our wet friends! There were so many cool fish and animals to see and learn about.

We had a great lunch at the aquarium and made many memories!


Cincinnati, Ohio

Traveling back in time (or just to southern Ohio) our crew go to experience all kinds of exciting things.

A group stayed on land and explored the Cincinnati Aquarium, see a Reds game, visit a horse farm, and go in part of the Underground Railroad. Another group got onboard the SS Cincinnati and cruised down the Ohio River experiencing all the treasures Ohio has to offer.

Cocoa Beach & Royal Carribbean

We took a big group from the Akron/Canton airport to Orlando, Florida!

One group stayed in Cocoa Beach and went to Disney, the beach, and Kennedy Space Center. Another group loaded up on a ship and took a cruise to the Bahamas. Both crews had a blast and these are a few photos from our adventures!

Hershey, Pennsylvania

We satisfied our sweet tooth by taking a bus to the sweet city of Hershey, PA!

We got to tour the Hershey Chocolate Factory, visit the amusement park, and take a trolley ride around the city. We learned all about Milton Hershey and his delicious life.

Mayberry, North Carolina

By bus we traveled down to Mount Airy, North Carolina to visit the hometown of Andy Griffith.

Some of the things we were able to do included touring the Andy Griffith Museum, tour and shop downtown, go on a ghost walk, and visit the Wolf Creek Indian Village. The following pictures are just a few of the many memories we made.

New York, New York

Flying from our little town to the Big Apple was adventure number one of this trip!

While in the city that never sleeps we go to see a Rocket show, Ground Zero, Grand Central Station, toured Times Square, shopped, and rode the subway all over the city!